Mosaic Harp Trio

Mosaic harp TrioThe Mosaic Harp Trio is comprised of Tucson Symphony personnel: harpist Patricia Harris, flutist Pat Watrous and violist Ann Weaver. This triple sonority was first established as a regular ensemble in the 1890s with the publication of Claude Debussy’s Sonate written for this instrumentation. Since that time many composers have written for this combination so that the repertoire is rich with music from all over the world.

The current players of the Harp Trio have trained with luminaries in their respective fields, and studied at such noted institutions as the Eastman School of Music and Rice University.

In addition to Claude Debussy, the list of accomplished composers who have written for harp trio includes Piston, Jolivet, Diabelli, Bax, Dubois, Ibert and Takemitsu, to name a few. Baroque Trio Sonatas are easily done in this, format as well as a rich casual repertoire list, making the Harp Trio a versatile ensemble for many occasions. The Mosaic Trio personnel have performed extensively around the state while on the Arizona Commission on the Arts Roster as the Tucson Symphony Harp Trio.